Send for yourself, your customers or both

We just send your email using our worldwide based SMTP servers pools. Our software automatically manages the delivery process to give your emails the best chance of landing in the inbox. And if your messages are being bounced, we’ll tell you.

An infrastructure built to deliver emails

Each domain within our managed mail service is an isolated sub-account with its own sending queue and reputation. That means that your transactional emails won’t get stuck behind newsletters.

Efficient SMTP relay infrastructure with email service and load-balancers

  • Customized DKIM & SPF
  • Test mode
  • SMTP
  • 1000 EMAILS/second
  • Free technical support
  • Secure SSL/TLS connections
  • Delivery error reports
  • Dedicated IP address
  • SLA 99,99%

Integrate your application with our managed email service

Use the ability to fully integrate our SMTP server into your CMS, CRM, or other system and then send e-mails to your customers from your own online system. Just use our SMTP servers pools to send thousands of EMAILS as quickly as weathers change in Lithuania land.