Cyber Security Trainings

Participants will get newest info about worldwide cyber incidents and will learn how to prepare for cyber attacks in practice during laboratory tasks. Lectures from three biggest Lithuanian universities working in the field of cyber security regulation, research and development of commercial solutions.

Training materials and certificates

Individuals who will take part in the training will receive partial lecture material and certificates of participation.

The topic of the first day: “Internet and cyber security issues. Typical incidents “

  1. Internet and the perspective of cyber security
  2. “Noticed” significant incidents and their analysis
  3. Internet Protocol overview. Security loopholes in the protocols
  4. Typical attack vectors and botnet network analysis
  5. Cryptography
  6. Registration of incidents in Lithuania and legal regulation
Who interested in participating?

Corporate executives, IT department managers and information system administrators. The content of the training is intended for general perception of cyber security, the identification of threats and causes.

Topics of the second day: “Computer networks and basic security mechanisms”

  1. Types of computer networks. Servers and service configuration
  2. Authentication, Authorization, Basic Protocols
  3. Firewall and attack prevention systems
  4. Cryptography in Practice
  5. Good practices of network design and users tracking
  6. Software Security
Who interested in participating?

IT department managers or information system administrators. The theory of cyber security is combined with practical demonstration and individual tasks in the laboratory. The tasks are simple, special preparation is not necessary.

Day Three: “Secure IT Architecture. Good practice”

  1. Typical practical cyber security architectures
  2. Secure system configuration and parameterization
  3. Network services configuration and optimization
  4. Effective monitoring and auditing of computer network, systems
  5. Administration of databases and WEB systems
Who interested in participating?

Practitioners, i.e. information systems administrators. During training, a secure model of the organization’s network and information systems is constructed, cracking mechanisms are tested. Participant should have good IT knowledge (command line), minimal programming skills.

You can choose to take part in 1 or 2 selected days individually or in all 3 days if you are looking for the maximum result.

Duration of training: 21 academic hour
Date: gathering a group of 6 people